Our firm has unparalleled experience and expertise providing tax, consultation and auditing services to the affordable housing community. Our value added services enable our clients to meet their particularly demanding reporting requirements to investors and regulators.

For over thirty years, we have helped non-profit organizations to address their challenges and financial responsibilities in fulfilling their vision for success. Our experience will help you meet your financial and tax reporting requirements.

Our firm understands the complex financial and regulatory environment involving real estate transactions. We help our clients on a daily basis in structuring transactions, evaluating tax results and meeting their financial and reporting requirements.

Areas of Expertise

"The Nesseralla & Company approach provides continuity, cuts learning curves, and builds an environment of trust and efficiency."

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Nesseralla & Company, LLC is a leader in accounting, tax and consulting services. We are a Certified Public Accounting firm and a Limited Liability Company.

We provide our clients with efficient services based on our specialized knowledge and experience.

We have been providing accounting, tax and consulting services to individuals, partnerships, non-profit organizations and corporations for over 22 years.